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House Specials

Cocktail of the month

Vodka & Cranberry Blush €11.00

raspberry vodka, orange liqueur, cranberry, orange

Cocktail of the month


Pornstar martini €12.00

(vodka, vanilla, passionfruit, lime, prosecco)

Negori €12.00

(campari, Gin, sweet vermouth)

Grapefruit spritz €11.00

(aperol, orange gin, grapefruit, prosecco)

Rhubarb gin fizz €11.00

(rhubarb gin, rhubarb liqueur, lemon lemonade, grenadine)

Classic margaretta €11.00

(tequila, Cointreau, lime juice, salt rim)

Classic Mojito €11.00

(rum, mint, soda, lime)

Espresso martini €12.00

(vodka, espresso, sugar syrup, kahlua)

Baileys Espresso martini €12.00

(baileys, espresso, kahlua)

Amaretto / Whiskey sour €12.00

(bourbon/amaretto, sugar, bitters, lime, egg white)

Cosmopolitan €11.00

(vodka, orange liqueur, lime, cranberry)

Pink Gin Spritz €10.00

(pink gin, processo, lemonade)

Passionfruit delight €11.00

(bacardi, lime, campari, passionfruit)

Gin & Tonic

Create your perfect G&T

1. Pick your gin

Blackwater No 5 Irish Gin (IRL) €6.50

Blackwater Wexford Strawberry Gin (IRL) €6.50

Blackwater Juniper Cask Gin (IRL) €6.50

Blackwater tanora (tangerine) (irl) €6.50

Ornabrak single malt Gin (IRL) €8.50

Hendricks (eng) €7.50

Whitley Neil rhubarb & Ginger Gin (ENG) €6.50

Whitley Neil Raspberry Gin (ENG) €6.50

Tanqueray Gin (ENG) €7.50

Tanqueary no 10 (Eng.) €8.50

Silver Spear Gin (IRL) €8.00

Ballykeefe gin (IRL) €7.00

Gunpowder Gin (IRL) €8.00

Dingle Gin (IRL) €8.00

Bombay Sapphire (ENG) €6.00

Star of Bombay (Eng.) €7.50

Gordons Pink Gin (ENG) €6.50

Monkey 47 (GER) €8.00

Beefeater 24 Gin (strawberry, orange)(ENG) €7.00

2. Pick your tonic

Fever Tree €3.50

(elderflower, Indian, light)

Schweppes €3.00

(tonic, slim tonic, soda, pink soda, ginger ale)

3. Pick your garnish

Lemon, Lime, Orange, Grapefruit, Cucumber, Mint, Strawberry


Gordons Gin €5.50

Smirnoff Vodka €5.50

Southern comfort, Bacardi €5.50

Bulleit Bourbon €6.00

Wexbury raspberry vodka €5.50

Wexbury strawberry vodka €5.50

La Chica Tequila Gold €6.00

Captain Morgan, Jack Daniel’s €5.50

Jonnie Walker Scotch €5.50

Hennessey brandy €6.00

DeLamain Fine Cognac XO €9.75

Jameson Whiskey €6.00

Irishman Reserve whiskey €5.50

Dry Martini, Martini Rosso €4.50

Drambuie, Grand marnier €5.50

Peach schnapps €4.50

Tia Maria, Baileys, Malibu €5.00


Our wine menu offers a balance between various wine styles and origins, from small and quality driven producers.

Thanks to the Vacu-Vin System, all our wines served by the Glass are preserved to ensure freshness.

As a result, the wine lover has a wide choice of world class wines by the Glass, Carafe & Bottle.

For a memorable wine encounter, do not hesitate to ask our trained staff for a recommendation.

All Wines may contain Sulphites

Wines marked as Organic are fully certified, in conversion or produced following similar practices

Clashganny House Favourites

Available by the Glass for a limited time only

Every so often, we are lucky enough to stumble on some fantastic wines that give a truly unique experience.

Either produced from a unusual grape or blend, a unique way, a specific region or terroir, these wines reflects the wonderful nuances that can be found in the wine world.

So we decided to share these discoveries with you in our “Favourites” section.
Don’t be shy and open your taste buds to new horizons.

Old Coach Road - Sauvignon Blanc

Old Coach Road
Sauvignon Blanc
New Zealand

Old Coach Road is a historic route used in the 1850 for the first mail run through the Moutere Hills in Nelson, near to where the Seifried winemaking story begins.

Bright and bursting with crisp passionfruit, tropical peach, wrapped together with a twist of citrus freshness.

Glass (175ml): €9.00

Carafe (500ml): €28.00

Bottle (750ml): €33.00

Old Coach Road - Pinot Noir

Old Coach Road
Pinot Noir
New Zealand

Old Coach Road is a historic route used in the 1850 for the first mail run through the Moutere Hills in Nelson, near to where the Seifried winemaking story begins.

Rich cherry, berry and currant flavours combine with a warm spicy oak giving length and a beautiful smooth finish.

Glass (175ml): €9.00

Carafe (500ml): €28.00

Bottle (750ml): €33.00

Fruit Driven White Wines

Glass (175 ml) Carafe (500 ml) Bottle (750 ml)

Le Petit Pont Reserve (France)





Light, fresh and balanced, dry & refreshing

Domaine Felines Jourdan Picpoul De Pinet (France)


Piquepoule Vegan

Very fruity picpoul with good minerality and excellent balance

MI Villa Blanco (Spain)


White Rioja

Intense bouquet of apple and white flowers. Bone dry viura balanced by apple and stone fruit. Great texture and long length.

Crisp & Fresh White Wines

Glass (175 ml) Carafe (500 ml) Bottle (750 ml)

Ca’Stellor, Pinot Grigio (Italy)




Pinot Grigio

Lean bodied and dry with toasted notes

Pazo Cilliero, Alberino (Spain)



Bright and aromatic with distinctive floral and fruity characteristics.

Old Coach Road Marlborough (NZ)




Sauvignon Blanc

Beautifully ripe and vividly fresh with a crisp, pure finish.

Ripe & Round White Wines

Glass (175 ml) Carafe (500 ml) Bottle (750 ml)

Breckin Valley Chardonnay (Spain)





Ripe, attractive tropical fruit with pineapple and citrus hints. Lovely, fresh and round palate.

Renne Touraine Sauvignon Blanc (France)




Sauvignon Blanc

Fresh white wine, soft texture that extends into a persistent finish.

Pouilly Fume Champs de Cris (France)


Sauvignon Blanc Vegan

This wine has a very fine gold color, on the nose has a fruity and flowery bouquet, lively, crisp and well balanced.

Fruity Red Wines

Glass (175 ml) Carafe (500 ml) Bottle (750 ml)

Le Petit Pont Reserve (France)




Grenache, Cinsault, Merlot

Very juicy with plum and red fruit flavors.

Farnio Garofoli Montepulciano (Italy)



Sapid, dry, vinous and delicately tannic.

Domaine Preignes Le Vieux (France)




Cabernet Sauvignon

Pure cabernet sauvignon, deep garnet colour, fruity with great complexity.

Ripe & Smooth Red Wines

Glass (175 ml) Carafe (500 ml) Bottle (750 ml)

Leopard’s Leap Shiraz (South Africa)





An array of complex flavours that settle with deeper notes of pepper, mocha and dark fruit.

Crego E Monaguillo (Spain)


Mencia Organic

On the palate, intense strawberry and raspberry flavor, light freshness and long finish.

Old Coach Road (New Zealand)




Pinot Noir

Light body easy drinking, light red colour. Red cherry, cranberries and raspberry in taste. Medium acidity.

Rich & Full-Bodied Red Wines

Glass (175 ml) Carafe (500 ml) Bottle (750 ml)

Terra Argenta (Argentina)





Fruit flavours of blackberry, plum and black cherry, flavours offer chocolate, cocoa and a sweet finish.

Vina Eguia Crianza (Spain)


Tempranillo Vegan

On the nose spicy with woody tones, red berries, velvety on the palate.

Chateau Puynard Cotes de Bourdeaux 2017 (France)


Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon

Rich flavour and suppleness on the palate, the result is a harmonious and complex aroma of black fruit, toasted scent giving volume and structure.

Rosé Wines

Glass (175 ml) Carafe (500 ml) Bottle (750 ml)

Olivares Rosado Rose (Spain)




Grenache/Monastrell Organic Vegan

Vibrant ripe red fruits, aromas of strawberry and rose petal, fruity and fresh balanced wine.

Le Contesse Pinot Rose Brut (Italy)


Pinot Noir, Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay

Subtle pink colour, persistent and fine bubbles with a full palate.

Sparkling Wines/Champagne

Glass (175 ml) Carafe (500 ml) Bottle (750 ml)

Torley Non Alcoholic Sparkling Wine 0%


Lovely, bright hue and intense fizz, its aroma and taste are both dominated by fresh grapes.

Prosecco Frizzante (Italy)




Fruity notes, followed by delicious, round palate. Enjoy as an aperitif or with food.

Charpentier Brut Reserve Champagne (France)

€35.00 (375 ml)

Antech Cuvee Reserve Brut (France)


Mauzac, Chenin, Chardonnay Organic

Made in the traditional method and aged for 18 months, it is refined and delicate.

Dessert / Aperitif Wines

Glass (175 ml) Carafe (500 ml) Bottle (750 ml)

Beerenauslese, Kracher Neusiedlersee (Austria)


Welschriesling / Chardonnay

Intense aromas of pear and citrus: delicate bubbles offering a pleasant roundness with crisp, refreshing finish.

Château Barbier, Sauternes Bordeaux (France)



Elegant nose offering notes of quince, acacia and pineapple; a fine palate with delicate flavours or apricot and honey.

Non Alcoholic

Virgin Mojito €8.00

apple juice, ginger ale, lime

Grapefruit spritz €8.00

grapefruit, sparkling water, grenadine, lime juice

Bottled 0% Beer €4.50

Heineken 0%, Moretti 0%, Erdinger 0%, Stonewell cider 0%

Wine/Cava/Gin 0%

Cava €6.00 Gls, €22.00 Btl

Wine €6.00 Gls, €22.00 Btl

Gin €4.50

After Dinner Drinks

Crème de menthe €4.00

Jameson whiskey €6.00

Irishman Reserve whiskey €5.50

Drambuie €5.50

Grand marnier €5.50

Baileys & Ice €5.00

Hennessey Brandy €6.00

DeLamain Fine Cognac XO €9.75

Hot Apple Brandy Cocktail €10.00

brandy, cider, honey, cinnamon, nutmeg

Liqueur Coffee

Irish coffee (Whiskey) €9.00

French Coffee (Brandy) €9.00

English Coffee (Gin) €9.00

Calypso Coffee (Tia Maria) €9.00

Baileys Irish cream Coffee €9.00

Russian Coffee (Vodka) €9.00

Seville Coffee (Cointreau) €9.00

Espresso Martini €12.00

vodka, espresso coffee, kahlua, sugar

Baileys espresso martini €12.00

baileys, espresso, kahlua

Hot Flat Black €10.00

blacktwist, espresso, steamed milk

Beers & Ciders

Draught beer

Guinness €5.50

Smithwicks, Hop house 13 €6.00

Bottled beers and cider €5.50

heineken, budweiser, bulmers, corona, peroni, coors light

Kopperburg strawberry/lime €7.00

Erdinger Non alcoholic beer €4.50

Heineken 0% Alcohol Free €4.00

Stonewell 0% cider €4.00

West coast cooler original €5.50

Minerals and Water

Coke, 7up, Lemon, Orange €3.50

Pink lemonade/Lemonade €4.00

Glass of Fruit Juice €2.50

cranberry, orange, apple juice

Sparkling Water (250 ml) €3.00

Sparkling Water (750 ml) €5.50